Benefits of Exchanging Your Vehicle

Our Dealership

As a used car dealership we rely on our inventory of high-quality vehicles, and we're always looking to increase our range. We're ready to offer exceptional deals to buy your car, without all the hassle of private buyers or unscrupulous dealers. While we're happy to buy any high-quality vehicle on great terms, we can offer you an even better deal if you use our exchange vehicle program to a new car from us at the same time.


What are the extra benefits our vehicle exchange program offers you, compared to buying alone?

  • Excellent Trade-In Price

    When you exchange your car with us, we'll pay above the market price. Simple, no hassle, and a great deal.

  • Better Safety and Security

    Upgrading to a more rent car keeps you safer on the road, thanks to improved safety features and increased security

  • Lower Running Costs

    With a newer car you'll have lower running costs through improved fuel economy, reduced repair bills, and less maintenance to pay for.

  • Improved Warranty

    Enjoying the benefits of a renewed warranty, giving longer and more comprehensive cover. No more worries over the cost of unexpected breakdowns or repairs.

  • Improved Financing Terms

    By using our financing options, you can keep your existing repayment levels and get more car for your money, or lower your monthly payments to put more cash in your pocket.

  • Greater Comfort

    Trade in your old car for a newer vehicle and enjoy greater comforts, more mordern technology, and up-to-date entertainment features.

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Even if you don't want all the added benefits of a vehicle exchange program, we'll still buy your current car at market-leading rates. Contact us nor or call into our office to find our how our vehicle exchange program could work for you.

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